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Reiki healings

Sometimes unexpected things happen. Sometimes you get hurt, go through a difficult time, or you surpass your own limits. You are tired, easily irritated or emotional, or you suffer from an injury or illness. A reiki session can help you to feel better again, and turns out to be just as important on your way to a fulfilling life as coaching or a retreat.


Reiki operates at an energetic level. You can't see it, but you can feel it. Some people feel warmth or tingly sensations. During a Reiki session, possible energy blockages will be removed and the natural energy flow that connects your body, mind and heart will be restored. This brings relaxation and energy. Physical issues or injuries can be reduced, tensions can be relieved, you can sometimes gain new insights, or you can just feel better or lighter in general. As if you are fully charged again.

""I received a Reiki treatment via distance. I didn't know what to expect from it, but I was genuinely surprised. I felt so good after that! I felt lighter, I was better able to handle the hustle and bustle and I generally felt better. Thank you so much!" - A.


A Japanese technique
Reiki is a Japanese technique. The word Reiki means 'universal life energy' in Japanese. I have learned to channel this energy to you, which stimulates your body and mind to heal. Energy shortages are resolved so that the natural balance can be restored, stress and pain can be reduced, and you can become emotionally more resilient.

Reiki & research results
Reiki has been effective in treating illness, and is used in hospitals in the UK, US, Australia, Germany and Switserland to complement e.g. cancer treatments. Research shows the various benefits of Reiki (such as reduced memory loss, stress reduction, healing, etc.), as well as a change in the magnetic field in the practitioner’s hands and brain waves. Unfortunately, studies are typically small, and I hope more research will be done in the near future. I am interested in getting a better understanding of the technique. (At the moment, I have just accepted that in life there are things that work, but we can't (yet) explain how).

My story
Reiki is something everyone can learn. I learned Reiki to heal myself when I couldn't move for 6 months due to breaking my femur during the World Championships Ultra Trail. It gave me the idea to ‘do at least something’. What I didn't foresee, is that the Reiki training includes treating others as well. It was never my intention to become a Reiki Practitioner but I am truly amazed by the results (I will know for example which foot is hurting, without that the person tells me). Seeing that people have more energy, less pain or a reduced rehabilitation period makes me happy to help where I can. I belief that Reiki can be an effective method for a holistic treatment towards a more happy and fulfilling life. At the same time, I am not a medical specialist. It is always important to ask a medical specialist for advice when you’re sick or injured.

A Reiki treatment
An Reiki session can take place on a massage table or via distance (I know this sounds weird but it’s true!). You can keep your clothes on and I will move my hands a few centimeters away from your body. If I treat you from a distance, you can simply continue what you were doing but often people prefer to take a quiet moment when I'm sending them Reiki. I'll let you know when I'm going to treat you and afterwards we'll discuss my and your experience. A face to face Reiki session lasts about an hour, a distance Reiki session usually takes about 30 minutes after which we will be in touch, usually via Phone or Whatsapp.


The Reiki+ sessions go on where the Reiki only sessions end. The + in Reiki+ stands for further healing and counseling that helps to bring out the powerful you that's already inside of you. During a Reiki+ Session I will connect to your system, and guide you in actively releasing and transforming in a safe environment. These really are the most magical sessions I do, and really help you let go and transform at the deepest levels so you will feel light, free, and empowered.




You can opt for a one-off Reiki treatment, or for an ‘energy boost’. This means that I will treat you for three days in a row, which will give you an enormous energy boost for an intense effect.

Reiki distance treatment

→ One-off treatment: €58,-

→ Energy boost: €168,- (three days in a row for an intense effect)

→ Four treatments to use whenever you want (within 4 months): €218,-

Reiki+ session

→ Deep healing session: €74,- per hour (often takes up to 2 hours)

Including Reiki healing, other healing techniques and counseling.