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I help you shine. Connect to the power within you. Gain confidence, courage and clarity. And live from inspiration and intention.


Do you have an ambitious plan, do you want to change direction or realise a dream, but is that quite scary and can you use some courage, clarity or just an accountability partner who holds your hand and cheers you on?

Do you want to find out how you can live more in line with your true self? Do you want to discover what is really important to you and how you can direct your life towards that?

Could you do with more peace of mind, dealing with your own perfectionism and fears or do you need some support in structuring your life so that you can balance all that you want whilst having enough room for yourself?



My coaching programmes are flexible and can be tailored to your agenda and needs. Whether you want to speak once, twice, weekly, monthly or perhaps just every six-months, it’s up to you. The coaching takes place face to face in Grenoble, or via Skype or FaceTime.


My coaching is 100% adapted to your specific situation, needs and goals.



We’ll work towards your goals and questions, and I’ll help you to integrate the desired change into your life. Along the way I’ll ask you critical questions, and together we’ll search for the light bulbs and ‘aha moments’. We will work solution-oriented by means of practical assignments that are tailored to you and your goals. The assignments will help us to approach the questions from different angles in order to be sure not to miss out on anything so that eventually everything will fall into place. Also, depending on your goal, I will give you practical exercises or tools that you can implement in your daily life to stay close to yourself, overcome limiting beliefs, or to practice new behaviour.

As a coach, I’ll help you look at your current situation, and how you can create a future full of sparks, whilst staying connected to who you truly are and find important. I’m not a therapist. Not sure whether you need a therapist or coach? Find out more between the differences here.





During the coaching sessions, I aim to create a pleasant atmosphere. I am convinced that we will get the best results when you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts, experiences or emotions, and when, at the same time, we can have a laugh or put things into perspective. A coaching conversation with me thus takes place in an informal setting where we are both equal. I think along with you and ask critical questions in a non-judgmental way. I always try to find possibilities, and look at the world from a positive yet realistic perspective. My feedback, questions and assignments are constructive and aimed at helping you advance. To give you insights you wouldn’t have had otherwise. To design a new future together with you. So that eventually you can continue on your own, full of energy and confidence. And so that you will find that fire in your every day life.



Examples of themes that could be addressed:

This is certainly not an exhaustive list, so if your theme is not included, please feel free to contact me!


Taking important decisions.

Creating a winning mindset.

Finding courage.

Designing your roadmap to success.

Identifying what you really want.

Boosting your self confidence.

Realising that big scary project or dream.

Creating peace of mind.

Optimising the work-life balance.

Dealing with the fear of failure.

Putting yourself first.

Keeping your energy.



The process for when you’re interested is the following:

We will plan an free and non-commital intake conversation in which we will get to know each other. I’ll try to get a clear picture of you and your goals so that I can make a personalized plan for you. At the same time you can identify whether you want to continue working with me.

If, after the intake, you decide to continue, we will make an initial appointment for a meeting or Skype or FaceTime call. We’ll have a look at which coaching package is best suited for your question. I’ll offer advice but you will be the one who makes the final decision.

Before each coaching session you will be sent a homework assignment that matches your personal goal. This assignment is tailor-made for your questions and goals and encourages you to reflect on yourself, your relationships, and/or your life in general.

During the coaching session (which takes about 60 – 90mins) we will discuss your assignments and reflections, and you will get insights and feedback that will help you to further achieve your goals. Then we will look at the next steps or themes, and you will receive a personal assignment for your next appointment.




The online coaching can be combined with an energy session (Reiki) for a holistic approach. During the coaching session we will discuss your questions as well as what we noticed and experienced during the Reiki treatment. Emotional or mental issues often manifest as blockages or injuries in the body, and vice versa. We can learn so much when we listen to what the body wants to tell us. The combination of Reiki with a coaching session gives profound results for a happier life at every level.





The intake is free, after that you choose a coaching package. Prices are the same for online or face-to-face meetings. A coaching session takes between an hour and an hour and a half. Sometimes a lot can happen in a short period of time so that one hour is intense and enough. Sometimes we only get to the core only after a while. I’m driven to create impact and give you value. That’s why there is no hourly rate; you always pay the same amount.

Let's start!
  • 4 x 1 - 1 coaching sessions (valid 12 months)
  • For people who'd like to start coaching but also first want to see what it gets them
  • For clear insights in your behaviour, habits and convictions.

The investment is €309,-

Dive in!
  • 8 x 1 - 1 coaching sessions (valid 12 months)
  • For people who'd like to dive in deeper, for more profound results.
  • For sharp insights in your behaviour, habits and convictions, AND for ideas and experiments for how to change this for the better.

The investment is €595,-

Blow your own mind!
  • 12 x 1 - 1 coaching sessions (valid 18 months)
  • For people who want to blow their own mind! For the best and most profound insights, and long lasting results.
  • For sharp insights in your behaviour, habits and convictions, for ideas and experiments how to change this, AND to see real results. daadwerkelijk zien van resultaat.

The investment is €861,-

The Mind Gym
  • 4 x groepssessions of 90 min (valid 1 month) for The Mind Gym
  • For people who want to work specifically on their mindset, to long longer be in their own way for achieving results.
  • A safe space, meditations, weekly support, and accountability from the coach AND the group (max 4 people).

The investment is €75,-



I'm happy to discuss possibilities!