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10 spring reflection questions for new beginnings

10 spring reflection questions for new beginnings

It's Easter Monday today. For me, Easter is a time to reflect on the new life that's unfolding rapidly. In the last 3 days, the vine at my house has suddenly gotten leaves. The apple tree blossoms since 2 days. Birds are chirping like never before. The world around us is bursting with new life, new energy, new beginnings. What about you? Do you have more energy than a few months ago? Do you have new plans, do you feel like starting new things? Below I'm giving you 10 questions that might help you to reflect on new beginnings for yourself too.

Maybe you, like me, started the year with new year's resolutions. Maybe you're still sticking to them. Maybe you've already forgotten them. Or maybe you didn't have any at all. Either way, Easter, or spring, is a good time to think about what's really important and what new things you want to bring to fruition this year. In doing so, you ask yourself the following questions:

1. What were your New Year's resolutions for 2020? Or, if you didn't set them: which areas or activities are your focus this year?

Maybe you didn't have New Year's resolutions for 2020. Or maybe you did. Do you remember what your resulotions were? Or the areas you're focusing on?


2. How are you doing, in terms of your New Year's resolutions or focus areas?

Where are you doing well, and where can you improve? Where have you come, what steps have you already taken this year? What resolutions have you simply forgotten? Which focus areas still need attention? And where are you doing very well? Has your focus been on what is important to you in recent months? And, in general, what has happened so far for you in 2020? Maybe you were on the right track and Corona has changed things for you (like my 'coffee-drinking resolution' that I've suddenly 'forgotten' since we're at home)?


3. For what do you currently have energy/what do you simply 'feel like' doing?

Spring brings a new energy. Trees (and also people) wake up from hibernation and people often automatically get more motivated to start or tackle things again. Whether it's drawing, walking, cleaning, reading, baking bread. Make room for the things you simply 'feel like' doing. They're usually things that give you energy. Often there isn't a clear reason or explanation for it. Fortunately, you don't need an explanation to do the things you enjoy doing 🙂


4. What's really important to you right now?

Living according to what's important to you makes you happy. It gives satisfaction. Meaning. Fulfillment. In fact, I dare to say that if you don't live by what's important to you, you can't be happy. And it's thus extremely important to know what's important to you. What's your priority. What gets your attention. So, what is extremely important to you right now?


5. What things would you like to bring to fruition this summer/this year?

Spring equals new life. New things. We sow in spring to harvest later. What do you want to harvest later this year? What new things do you want to bring to fruition? And what can you do for that now?

pink flowers


6. How do these things bring happiness and satisfaction to your life and to the lives of others?

It's nice to think about what you would like to bring to fruition this year, but it's even better to know your motivation for this. If you do something with conviction, with a full 'yes', then the chances of you persevering will be much higher. How do the things you would like to see flourishing this year bring happiness and fulfillment to your life, and to the lives of others?


7. If you could name three things, which three things (or people) would you like to prioritise for the next 6 months?

Like I said, what's important to you should be a priority. But unfortunately, we can't prioritise everything that's important to us. Which three things are really going to be your top priorities from now on? And, how are these things different from the ones you identified at the beginning of the year (in case you defined priorities at the beginning of the year)?


8. Why do you prioritise this?

Let's go back to your motivation again. Because your motivation, your "why" is the driver for your behavior. For whether you're going to do the things or not. So if you want to prioritize something, it helps to have very clear "why". So ask yourself: why do these three things get priority over others? What will it bring you if you prioritise these three things? And what will it bring others? Does it contribute to your happiness and satisfaction? And that of others?


9. What choices can you make to prioritize the things that are important to you?

You can decide, at any time, to change your direction. At any time, you can decide to undo something you decided earlier. And so you can decide to actually make your priorities a priority. What choices can you make to prioritize the things that are important to you? What do you have to do or not do? And how? What does that look like? Try to be as specific as possible in your answers.


10. What actions can you take?

This is about what you can do NOW. Right now. You can make a plan. Call someone. Make a start. A decision. Write an email. So write down, for each of your priorities as well as for the other things you want to do, what is going to be the first (maybe tiny) step you can take right NOW. And then you take it. So call that person. Write that email. Write your priority at the top of your to-do list. And by doing so, you plant the seeds now for the things you would like to see flourish in your life later.

flower field


It's spring. New life is starting. What's your new beginning? What's your new life?


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