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For ambitious women who feel they're meant for more .

Spark & Pepper's programmes are there:

For when you think you can get more out of yourself and your life, but you don't know how or what.
For when you are looking to live your life full of satisfaction and fire.
For more control over your own life, more space for yourself, and fewer doubts.

For whom?

I help you connect with who you really are, what you really want and what you think is truly important. To find more peace, satisfaction and happiness in every day. And I help you to actually get there.
For the high achievers. The ambitous ones. To help them gain clarity, confidence and courage to advance. Personally and professionally.

What others say

Hi, I’m Janne


I'm a passionate coach, teacher and trainer, International Mountain Leader, and ex-elite athlete.

In 2018 I decided that I not longer wanted to be purely concentrate on my own personal development in ultra running but I wanted to return to the subject of my studies and help others to shine. I help you light up the power that's within you, get confidence and clarity so that you feel ready to realise your ambitions.

I teach the mental high performance strategies that I learned when I was running at a high level. These strategies and mindshifts will help you be the best version of you. So that you feel ready to take yourself and your life to the next level. 

As an International Mountain Leader I combine coaching and training with the outdoors since I believe in the power of nature to transform people's lives. We're not apart from nature but we're a part from nature. Being in nature helps us connect to ourselves and the world that surrounds us. It enhances our creativity and helps us get valuable insights. And that's exactly what I use in my coaching (also the online coaching). It worked for me and for all the people I've coached so far, and it will do for you too. Promised.

My life feels much more complete and fulfilled since I started Spark & Pepper. I've applied all the techniques and strategies that I teach to myself first. And I still do on a daily basis. I can tell you they work. They really do. I feel like I'm living in line with my purpose. I'm on a mission to help ambitious people live aligned with theirs. Take yourself and your dreams serious. You've got so much to offer.

I believe in you.
Janne Geurts

Living ambitiously. Staying inspired and fulfilled without overstretching yourself.

The programmes will give you:


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